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A specialist distributor of fashion for women, men, children and babies, Gémo has been designing and offering a range of shoes, clothing and accessories for more than 25 years. Gemo is a French brand and belongs to the Eram Group, a 100% family owned group headquartered in Saint-Pierre Montlimart, near Cholet.

The CSR actions led by the brand and the group were started in 2010. The group recently launched the Change For Good program to drive its sustainable and responsible transformation with all its brands. It is in this context that ViJi intervenes. The group is convinced that the reinvention of its brands will go through a sustainable fashion and will be done by integrating the ecosystem of all stakeholders.

The Sixième Ciel, a new collaborative space of the group, is experimenting innovative solutions around three strategic axes: ecodesign (new materials, packaging, transformation processes, measurement of environmental impact (LCA), recycling and end of life ...); production (traceability and transparency, planning and efficient use of resources, production on demand ...); responsible trade (new uses, new services, accessibility, energy, waste management ...).
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Gemo makes itself totally transparent by committing to communicate the names and addresses of the manufacturing locations of its entire fall / winter 2019-2020 collection on the ViJi website. The partnership with ViJi will make it possible to go up all the production chains. This work will take time. The short-term goal is to provide you with information about Gemo's # 1 ranking, ie, shapers and assemblers. Over time, Viji will move up the production chain and provide you with information about fabric suppliers and then spinners, etc., to the fields and producers of raw materials. ViJi's work does not include licensed products, cleaning products, or store-and-sell products distributed in Gemo stores.

A traceability work on the leather industry was also started with another partner. The goal is to get up the leather industry until the breeding in 3 to 4 years.

Social conditions

Gemo follows the texts of the International Labor Organization and the laws in force in the countries of production. Gemo guarantees that 100% of its suppliers have been audited. Social audits are used to check working conditions at production sites. Gemo signed the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter developed by Business Mediation and the National Procurement Council. This charter formalizes the desire of Gemo to build with its partners a relationship based on listening, exchange and support of its suppliers. Gemo aims to become the first brand labeled "Supplier Relations & Responsible Purchasing". This label aims to distinguish French companies that have demonstrated lasting and balanced relationships with their suppliers.

The worker surveys: Since 2018, Gémo has been conducting surveys of factory workers in order to know their opinion anonymously about their working conditions. The data is transmitted to the management of these factories in order to improve their working conditions. Gemo thus helps the employees of the factories and their management to be actors of the improvements. The workers surveys were conducted in 100% of the factories in India, a dozen in Bangladesh, and will start this work in China from the end of 2019.

Gemo has made fire prevention one of the priority areas of its actions with its partners in charge of the manufacture of its products. As part of its continuous improvement of the working conditions of its manufacturers, Gémo regularly organizes  workshops on the theme of fire safety in partnership with firefighters in Bangladesh. These workshops include various types of exercises such as the triggering of alarms, the evacuation of buildings, the use of fire hoses ... The managers of this program also check the equipment of the factories and identify areas for improvement in the field. training and team coordination.

Since 2015, the GÉMO brand has been financing a pre-school education program with UNICEF to provide access to preschool education for the most vulnerable children in Dhaka (Bangladesh's capital city). Every year, this support benefits 12,000 children from 4 to 6 years old. On the other hand, Gemo is a partner of the Donation in Nature Agency: 50,000 pairs of shoes and 15,000 children's textile items were supplied by the brand. The solidarity round was set up in April 2019 in all Gémo stores for the UNICEF program.

Environmental conditions

Gemo begins in July 2019 a program of environmental audits of its suppliers. The goal is to prevent environmental problems throughout the supply chain.

Gemo is committed to reducing energy consumption. Gemo is ISO 50001 certified. Since 2013, Gemo has reduced energy consumption in stores by 40%. 

Gémo educates its customers on the simple actions to adopt daily to save water and energy and thus extend the life of products with the Clevercare logo. This logo is intended to inform consumers about the eco-maintenance of textiles in addition to the 5 textile care symbols. Consumers can find different washing, drying and ironing recommendations for a more environmentally friendly service. The partnership with the « my label » application also helps to decipher the label maintenance symbols. 

Since 2009, the group has set up a waste management policy for warehouses and outlying stores. In 2014, the implementation of selective sorting at head office made it possible to mobilize all employees and give waste a second life.

A « better » collection was launched in March 2019. Better is a collection designed from more responsible materials (organic cotton and recycled materials) to reduce the impact of production on the environment. It currently represents 6% of the Gemo collection. The goal is to reach 10% by 2020 and 30% by 2025.

Health and security
of the consumer

Gemo and trusted third party organizations perform physical and chemical tests on 100% of the brand's child / baby references and more than 95% of the other products in its collections.

In terms of chemical control, Gemo follows the French, European and regulatory texts of the countries in which the brand is distributed. Gemo goes beyond the REACH legislation by testing certain molecules that are not part of REACH but that Gémo health monitoring teams consider to be at risk.

In terms of physical control, Gemo makes the clothes, shoes and accessories intended for children and babies all the tests that guarantee their safety (test pulling buttons, strength of the flanges ...). Gemo products for adults are also subjected to physical and mechanical tests. Although no legislation obliges brands, Gemo has set up these tests for the purpose of product sustainability.

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