Avangarde France

A word from the brand

Avangarde France is a clothing brand for women. We are part of a more sustainable fashion, wanting to transform the current model and make our world more just economically and ecologically. .no polyester GOTS and OEKO TEX fibres French weaving and manufacturing Creation of our own patterns Buttons from the overproduction of milk Compostable packaging Sizes from 34 to 48 But this search for sustainability must not overshadow the essential: clothing! When we wear a shirt or a pair of trousers, it must provoke an emotion, we must love to wear it and find ourselves beautiful in it. Added to this is the importance of the eco-system, which is why we are committed to two things: the protection of the oceans and the recolonisation of bees. This is what Avangarde France is all about, clothes that are as beautiful inside as they are outside!
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