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In an industrial sector that is entering a period of change, brands and suppliers are exposed. New imperatives appear, such as the securing of supply chains, the evolution of CRM tools, or the strengthening of eco-responsible positioning. ViJi allows you to look to the future by proactively accompanying yourself in these steps.
Viji Partnership


ViJi is a trusted third party. Its philosophy and nature is to create a constant partnership throughout the production and supply chain, integrating suppliers, brands, consumers and control organizations in a virtuous circle. From the smallest brand, to the largest, but also to the service of producing factories, ViJi helps you set up your CSR initiatives and promote them to your customers. No judgment is carried through the ViJi system, we place ourselves in neutral and objective thirds.
Viji CSR Transparency

CSR Transparency

ViJi's goal is to bring brands closer to consumers by providing clear and accurate information on the ecological, social and health conditions and impacts of the production and supply chain by item. Until now, supply has created demand. From now on, it is the consumer who shapes his desires and the brand that adapts to the demand. Your customers now have access to your production information and the power to choose between their hands. Follow their CSR desires.
Viji Securing data

Securing data

ViJi secures the data collected thanks to the electronic signature at first and then the blockchain from 2020. ViJi makes reliable the data transmitted by crossing the collected data with all the actors of the sector: suppliers, brands, consulting firms , certifying bodies, labels, public bodies, NGOs, associations. The more actors there are in the ViJi system, the more reliable the data is.

Integrate ViJi directly on your commercial website

ViJi Clic

17% of consumers buy online and 80% of consumers seek information on the internet before buying a product.

When the consumer consults the commercial site of your brand, a simple click on the ViJi icon allows him to have access to information about traceability, social and environmental responsibility of the different stages of the production of a given product. 

The ViJi plug-in on the brand's commercial website helps to support and encourage digital purchasing.

Build customer loyalty
with the ViJi app

ViJi App

Offer clear, reliable and understandable information to your customers with the ViJi App for smartphones.

Your customers, in-store, flash the barcode of the product and discover the true story of the garment they covet.

This application accompanies and promotes the act of physical purchase. 

Control your supply chain

ViJi Control

ViJi Control allows you to obtain a fine traceability of your design chain as well as reliable information on the social and environmental conditions of production.

Thanks to dedicated web access and visualization tools, ViJi Control is a real tool for controlling your production chain.

With ViJi Control, notice any failures or faults in your supply system and find improvement points in terms of social and environmental responsibility that you can bring to your processes. ViJi Control also allows storage and access to all your CSR documents by your teams.

Reliable and secure data in your CSR management tool

ViJi Track

With ViJi Track, your suppliers will have the opportunity to download all their CSR documents via web access and update them. The photogeolocalisation of the ViJi Track app will also allow you to follow productions in real time and to check if the actions of your suppliers follow their declarations.

Improve your brand image by joining ViJi

ViJi Web

ViJi Web makes it possible to highlight commitments in terms of traceability, ethics and the social and environmental responsibilities of brands and their suppliers.

If you are in this process of transparency, join us and find through ViJi Web consumers who share your values.

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Do you want to win new customers by increasing their trust and facilitating the rate of multichannel transformation through the transformation of your brand image? Secure your supply chain by strengthening your traceability? Predict consumer behavior by analyzing collected data? Contact us and join ViJi!